Mr & Mrs Melman

The Melman wedding had a lot of firsts for me, It was my first time seeing the groom coming to check that it was in fact his bride. It was my first time photographing the Horah's at the reception and it was my first time photographing a wedding with nine groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Tam and Justin's wedding was at the beautiful Talloula in Hillcrest. It was completely relaxed and everything ran incredibly smoothly considering there were 20 people in the bridal party.

There is no denying that the bride and groom were and are in love and it made it a breeze to photograph them.

Their reception was a complete party , there was always something to photograph and the speeches we're probably the most heartfelt i'd ever heard.

Thank you so much Tam and Justin for trusting me with your beautiful day.

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