{Mr & Mrs Dovey}

This post is LONG over due and I really am sorry but it's too beautiful not to share!I have been waiting for the #doveywedding for a year and a half and I knew it would be something out of a fairytale! The venue was the Secret Garden which is breathtaking, the hair and make up was done by the excellent Jaqui Trinder, The dance floor was kept alive by Steven Heyns! They really did hire the best! They had the perfect day and everything was running smoothly! Jaqui had the bride ready 2 HOURS before! which is pretty much unheard of! Their ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt, after their reception we had such beautiful light for their creative! A photographers dream! After that they partied the night away and kissed under the stars! Thank you to the new Mr and Mrs Dovey for trusting us with your memories.

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